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  • Marnie Lapierre

Tourism is more than a line-up at a theme park...

Toronto Ontario skyline with view of the CN Tower and the skydome on a summer day

When I entered the tourism industry, it was without any previous experience. It was a short-term contract working for a regional tourism marketing outfit. I spent my time answering phone calls, sending out information packages, and writing the occasional article to be included in the newsletter and yearly publication. I didn't get to attend workshops, conferences, or delve into getting any certifications at the time. I didn't think after the contract ended that I would return to the industry. I fully expected to sally forth into the administrative field.

After several years in the administrative field working in various industries in northern Ontario, I found my working as an area administrator with a not-for-profit organization, where I thought I would retire from. Such was not the case as the not-for-profit organization closed dozens of its area offices, including the one I was employed at. Before that door closed, I was fortunate to have had experience at a local festival running an event that supported the not for profit I worked for.

Through that experience I connected with a local tourism manager, and subsequently ended up working for that individual in the tourism office for several years. It was through that experience that I had the equivalent of a university education learning the ins and outs of tourism at the side of one of the tourism leaders in our region. I found myself in conversation with friends and family explaining my role. And through this and other conversations, it enforced in me that tourism was far more than exploring a tourism asset when on vacation.

Tourism helps to express the cultural identity of a community, provides opportunity to participate in experiences, and contributes directly to the economy of each region, and province in our nation.

Join me, through these blog posts that I will be sharing, on a journey of discussion of the significance of tourism and events.

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